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I started this project because one the happy memories is being on the floor while a bunch of college kids won a gold medal against the best team in the world with my family; as well as crying like a baby when the Giants finally won a Superbowl and my dad never got to see it! So you ask what’s great about sports movies... EVERYTHING! Weekly we look at some of the great sports movies ever made. Guests pick a movie they love we watch and talk about the good the bad and the ????? These movies are from all genres. Big or small films, documentaries or series. So if you like the the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat or just a fun movie that gets your mind off of things this is the place for you! 🎥 #geturpopcornready #strapitup #football #baseball #hockey #poker #basketball #golf #tennis #carracing #olympics #classicmovielines